Joe Rogan talks Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather

Look FightStarMMA gonna keep it straight up and cut the BS: (yeah subscribe to the real MMA site that actually brings entertainment not BS)

Ok straight to real talk: Mayweather vs McGregor won’t ever happen but right now Conor is obviously in a battle with Zuffa and the Fertitta brothers.

Mayweather has said directly that his next step is starting his own MMA promotion and it’s no question a smart business man and self promoter like Mayweather would use the hottest and most promotable fighter in MMA at the moment to his advantage. (Yes, Conor still is, I understand he got chocked out by Nate Diaz.. get over it, Conor McGregor has done more in a short amount of time with outlandish predictions and a incredible personality that has captured people that we’re never fans of MMA”

There won’t be any fight but if anything Mayweather and Conor really might start their own promotion because Conor is VERY aware of the brain damage in MMA and boing.

I can see these two coming together and possibly starting a MMA promotion to give some competition to the UFC (will be tough, but with Mayweather’s back up there’s a real chance, and Conor’s star power in MMA)

Don’t believe the “wolf tickets”, theres something more going on here. Conor is still not backing up to Zuffa, and that’s something to respect while all you flame and go on the business man’s behalf. Yet I bet more than half of you hate your bosses?

Funny world we live in. Think about. Yeah, Conor is above every MMA fighter in far as promotion and bringing excitement and probably above you and what you bring to your individual job, dude is special, face it.

Yes we’ve had the Diaz corner since 2013, Diaz supporting videos since 2011ish but I speak the real, Conor comes once a lifetime but you guys just wanna hate cause thats what in your heart. Fix it. He’s trying to do the best for him and his family as we’d all wanna do.



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