Joe Rogan Podcast: Talks Anderson Silva vs Nick Diaz

Video Credit: Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan on his always entertaining podcast talking Anderson Silva vs Nick Diaz.

Nothing for me to talk about regarding the video, it speaks for itself.

Now what do I think about Diaz chances against Anderson Silva? Better than his chances against GSP.

Silva’s not going to have the real threat of the takedown and it’s going to be a stand up fight which is where Diaz likes to fight.

Anderson is much quicker and lighter on his feet and will most likely try to make this a kickboxing match and keep Diaz out of boxing range but inside of his kicking range.

I believe Anderson will win but Diaz most def has a chance to get the win if he can cut the cage and land some blows that will give him some confidence going into the rounds.



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