Joe Rogan on Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump

Joe Rogan goes in on Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

Joe agrees that college should be free which means he’s in favor of Bernie Sanders.

Rogan seems to be voting for Bernie Sanders as he says he agrees with free college and Black lives movement.

Wanna know FightStarMMA’s personal and REAL belief? We keep no BS here and that’s why we liked the Diaz brothers since we began this website (no, not when Nate beat McGregor you nuthuggers)

My real belief is f*ck whoever is president, do YOU! I don’t believe Obama was a great president, but I had AMAZING and HORRIBLE times in his run. Am I gonna blame that on the president? Nah, it’s all on me.

What I got to tell all you is, don’t worry about them, worry about you and your FAMILY. Preserve your CHILDREN, your WIFE, and most importantly YOURSELF.

Presidents are gonnna be presidents, it’s a distraction, yeah they make impacts on a bunch of things, but at the end of the day YOU make the biggest impact on YOU so focus on YOURSELF.



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