Joe Rogan Commentating Over Miley Cyrus’s VMA Twerk Performance


Original Photo Credit: Unknown

This is a hilarious find I stumbled upon youtube with Joe Rogan commentating over Miley Cyrus’s crazy twerk performance at the VMA’s.

I’m not hating on Miley but damn what is she on with all this twerking stuff and getting almost naked on t.v.?

Save that for the girls that aren’t already famous and actually need to take off their clothes to get some exposure Miley.

She should know better than that, she’ll probably regret it in a little but hey gotta respect someone that really doesn’t give a crap.

Come inside to see this video that had me rolling of Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg commentating over Miley Cyrus’s VMA performance.

UFC’s Joe Rogan Commentary on Miley Cyrus Dancing

I love this moment “Hey, get your hand out of there!”

Pretty good, credit to the creator on this one, if I knew who it was!

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