Joe Rogan Calls Some Big Dude A Bitch While Kicking Him Off The Stage In UFC 162 Fan Expo Q&A


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Joe Rogan kicks people off the stage while calling them bitches and saying a bunch of crazy stuff in the UFC 162 Fan Expo Q&A.

Rogan also goes on and answers a bunch of interesting questions with some funny ass answers that will have you rolling!

Some girl asks him who would he fight if he could fight any UFC fighter and he totally puts her on the spot and answers it with “That’s like asking me if I would fuck a shark, what shark would it be?”

He answers  who he would want commentating with him if Goldberg was to be replaced, boxing, TRT, and kicks evolving in MMA today.

It’s also about an hour long and it’s entertaining just about the whole way through so don’t be surprised finding yourself locked in because a lot of questions are answered.

It’s full of laughs and it shows how Joe Rogan is able to handle peoples crap with his humor and by calling them bitches haha.

Joe Rogan at UFC 162 Fan Expo Calling Random Fans Bitches and Answering Questions With Hilarious Answers

Joe Rogan knows how to handle rough crowds perfectly especially since he’s a comedian.

I don’t think UFC would be the same without that man commentating fights.

He does have to lay off with calling random people bitches because that’s just straight disrespectful, but it does make me chuckle sometimes.

I think the only way he would learn to watch who he says that to is if he slip off with a “bitch” while talking to Nick Diaz, we all know how that will go down, ” I ain’t no bitch!” and Joe “I was kidding, I call everyone that to be funny” and then Diaz goes super saiyan on his ass and unleashes a 10 punch combo… ok, ok my imagination went it a little too far I know!

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