Joe Rogan and Bas Rutten Talk Nick Diaz and his Unique Training Techniques, Nick Diaz Swimming from Alcatraz Prison, and More!

Video Credit: Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan and Bas Rutten talk some interesting stuff like Nick Diaz’s unique approach to training which is more endurance and volume based compare to the explosive training that most MMA fighters do.

They both have their benefits, Nick Diaz’s approach to training will probably be better for long term health since he is staying away from most of the exercises that can cause injuries while guys like GSP do alot of strength/explosive training which IMO is a huge advantage in MMA but may cause for a shorter long term career due to the toll it puts on your body and bones.

Joe compares Nick and Bas Rutten and Bas explains how he has more of a fast twitch muscle while Nick is a slow twitch muscle guy.

The different between the two is that fast twitch muscles are more explosive and fast but you tend to tire out quicker while slow twitch muscles are more of an endurance based body and those guys naturally have more stamina and less body fatigue.

Joe Rogan and Bas Ruten on Nick Diaz Training

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