Just Released: Wanderlei Silva Uploads High Quality HD Video Footage of His Confrontation With Chael Sonnen at Olympia Expo In Las Vegas


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Check out this just released HD quality video footage of the Confrontation between Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva at the Olympia Expo in Las Vegas inside!

Oops, Wanderlei did it again…That’s right he’s back at it boys, after a physical confrontation at the Mr. Olympia Expo in Las Vegas that was released by someone that recorded it on their gameboy color, Wanderei has released his own video account of the event on his youtube account where he goes crazy and curses out the camera… again!

And not only that, he actually had his own camera man walking with him recording everything while he headed towards Chael and instigated the confrontation! Best part is we don’t have to look at that other video anymore and wonder what happened, Wanderlei’s made sure his crew was prepared to record the confrontation with some HD cameras!

This wasn’t no random argument folks, Wanderlei sure as hell planned it!

The start of the video just shows Wanderlei about 2 inches from the camera cursing and spitting like an enraged pitbull (it’s actually starting to get pretty disturbing at this point folks, and intimidating… I’m not scared homies, i’m just saying…) but after a couple seconds in he shows some high quality footage of the incident between Wanderlei and Chael at the Olympia Expo.

Come inside and check it out, this is much better than the other video that released and shows you what really happened!

New High Quality Video Released of Poorly Recorded Video That Showed Chael and Wanderlei Getting Into It At A Las Vegas Expo (The Video of The Confrontation at The Expo Starts at 0:17)

This video actually made me laugh, I love how angry Wanderlei is while walking towards where Chael Sonnen is signing. You can see he means trouble as he walks like a bat out of hell across the Expo to instigate some trouble.

I really love Wanderlei, and I grew up watching him fight. He was my first favorite fighter along with Sakuraba and I used to hate to see them fight because I couldn’t root for either one. Sakuraba always get smashed tho…

Anyways back to the video… I have to be honest and say Wanderlei’s really overdoing it, but in a good way. I don’t agree with what he’s doing but at the same time I’m loving every second of it.

He totally went over to Chael with premeditated instigation.

Best part of this all is the fact that after he goes out of his way to start something with Chael at the Expo, he actually goes home and sets up chop with his own stand up camera and gets in its face as if its Chael Sonnen and begins to go ape shit which is a complete deja vu of the last video he uploaded.

This was all in one night folks!

In the video he says he saw fear in Chael’s eyes… well no shit Wanderlei, I don’t think he was expecting your crazy ass in his face while he was signing autograph for some innocent fans and your physico face pops out of no where.

Chael did look pretty suprised in the video, but he recovered after a second and begun telling Wanderlei “You need to go! Turn your camera off, your time will come!”

Anyways what do you think about Wanderlei and all the drama he’s been starting with his youtube videos and now even recording himself as he confronts Chael while signing for fans?

Wanderlei starting to look like he’s losing it, and I’m not sure if this is just for hype yet but I’m pretty convinced Wanderlei is genuinely just super pist off and also pretty damn crazy. Gotta love it tho… Let me know what you think in the comments below! ”

Let me leave you with a great quote in the words of Wanderlei Silva at the end of his video, “Your time goin to come MOTHURFAWKUUR!”



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