GSP Personal Issues Revealed: Got a Girl Pregnant and Father Sick


Original Photo Credit: Unknown

GSP was talking about having real personal issues that were affecting him so much that he couldn’t even sleep. After his fight with Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 he said he needed to take some time away from the sport in order to address these personal issues, but would not reveal any clue on what they were.

Now according to a recent report from TMZ, it looks like Georges St-Pierre may have got a girl pregnant and she wants to keep the baby. Now any man knows how much of a distraction unplanned pregnancy can be so I do have some sympathy for him.

That’s not all tho, supposedly his father has been really sick and if all these rumors are true I really feel for him.  I think he needs to really just take a break from all this and hang it up considering he’s accomplished more than any fighter could ever imagine and he’s reached the #1 pound for pound ranking in the world.

We don’t know if it’s true yet so keep that in mind, we will keep everyone updated with the latest so keep it here at FightStarMMA and don’t forget to “Like’ our Facebook page!



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