GIF of Tim Kennedy grabbing Yoel Romero’s Glove


As you can see in the GIF above, Tim Kennedy grabs Yoel Romero’s glove, which is illegal in the UFC, and delivers the uppercut that rocks him before the end of the 2nd round.

After the bell rings for the start of the 3rd round, Romero was still sitting on his stool for around 15-20 secs which caused some major controversy.

But the latest reports are that the cutman that put too much vaseline on Yoel which caused the delay was actually a UFC official, which clears Yoel of fault.

With that said, Tim Kennedy is still complaining and plans on trying to appeal the loss which is one of the reasons why many UFC fans are calling him “MMA’s biggest sore loser”.

Chances are that the the ruling will remain the same but what do you think should happen?



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