Full Video of The Evolution of CM Punk Episode 2

Video Credit: Punk Evolution

Ok so what did I get from the 2nd episode of The Evolution of Punk?

First, there treating him like a little Princess wrapping up his hands like he’s going into a real fight, like the dude can’t roll up his own hand wraps

Second, he’s still stiff as a board and doesn’t put his hips into any of his punches, like the right hand at 2:25 and he also shows bad striking defense. He seems very uncomfortable and not natural at all. Some people get it and some people don’t and he doesn’t seem to get it, it may be do to him trying MMA or combat sports in general at a very late age. When he spars he has his chin way up just asking to get hit and knocked out.

Enough counting this sh*t, let me go on with it, I think Duke Roufus is just working with him cause of the insane amount of money I bet he’s paying him to pay attention and work with him. His sprawl and takedown defense are both very poor, and he also shows no insticts or signs of athleticism once so ever.

I mean I can sit here and keep telling you why he doesn’t stand a chance in the UFC all day but I feel like I’m just bashing the guy by being honest, it’s obvious that he’s not ready for this, just watch the episode. At the end of the day Dana White knows people are going to tune in to watch the fight and that’s all that matters to him, but he will not make it in the UFC or MMA you can bet that.

He does seem like a pretty cool guy and his wife very charming, I mean he has heart for trying this out but I don’t think it’s smart nor does it come natural to him at all. He’s gonna have a tough night against Mickey Gal at UFC 203.



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