Eddie Bravo says Nate Diaz won UFC 202 vs Conor McGregor

Video Credit: JoeRogan

Eddie Bravos has Nate Diaz winning UFC 202 vs Conor McGregor.

To be honest with you I can see where he’s coming from.

Even though I dont disagree with the decision, it was far from a unanimous decision. If the fight kept going, you could see the pace at which they were moving, Nate was not slowing down while Conor was clearly doing enough to survive and fight back. Nate was the aggresor pushing the pace and simply looked like if the fight kept going, if someone would put their money on Conor that was lost money.

Diaz wasn’t slowing down and we all know they have triathlon cardio. Now you could argue Diaz 3,4,5 but the truth of the matter is 4 is the questionable round that could’ve went either way. In round 3 Conor looked to be fading but bounced back and had a respectable round 4. I think Diaz could’ve definitely won but it was such a close fight that I can’t argue with Conor’s decision.



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