Eddie Alvarez calls Gilbert Melendez a Phony who’s Ducking Him


Eddie Alvarez believes Gilbert Melendez has been ducking him for years and says Gilbert doesn’t want to be part of any organization that he’s at.

Alvarez seems to think that Gilbert stayed in the already talent stacked UFC in order to avoid joining Bellator where Eddie Alvarez is the lighweight champion.

I can go on and on elaborating but let’s go ahead and hear what Eddie Alvarez had to say himself according to an article from MMAFighting.com:

“He didn’t want come here,” Alvarez said. “Gilbert doesn’t want to come anywhere where I’m at. Gilbert don’t ever want to sign with a company where I’m at.”

“Wherever Gilbert goes, he wants to be the top dog, which is the same reason he’s avoided me and will for years to come,” Alvarez says, “Gilbert had the opportunity in the Dream tournament, he didn’t. He had the opportunity to sign with Bellator, and go into a Bellator tournament, he didn’t. And now he had the opportunity to come to Bellator where I am. He doesn’t want to come where I am. He’s a phony. It’s a facade, it’s a mask, he says he wants to fight me, he doesn’t want to fight me.”

“He says he wants to fight me when I make headlines,” Alvarez said. “That’s the only time, so he can get some attention. Other than that, Gilbert Melendez does not want to fight me. He knows its a bad fight for him, a bad night for him, that’s the real truth with that.”

I don’t know what to think about this, it’s pretty irrelevant considering the fact that both have their hands full with title fights. Alvarez will be taking Eddie Chandler for the 3rd time (I’ve almost lost count) and Melendez will be taking on Anthony Pettis for the UFC lightweight title.



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