Donald Cerrone Keeping it Chill with Ariel Helwani

Video Credit: MMAFighting

Donald Cerrone has to be the most chill laid back fighter in the UFC.

The guy knows how to take it easy and do what he enjoys doing no matter what, it seems like he really doesn’t let the outside world get to him.

He worries about himself and what he can control, and nothing else.

And if something doesn’t go the way he likes, he’s the type of guy to just say it “F it”, grab a Budweiser and head to the beach for some wakeboarding.

Cerrone even drove in his RV to Las Vegas which was an 8 hour trip, and rather sleep there then the hotel rooms.

I can’t help but say, I do love the mans lifestyle and it seems like he finds a way to have fun and take everything easy instead of taking life so seriously… pretty damn inspirational in a different way.



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