Diego Brandao replaces Cole Miller vs Conor McGregor


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The main card of UFC Fight Night Dublin was supposed to headline hyped featherweight Conor McGregor vs Cole Miller.

News just came in saying Cole Miller is out and aggressive hard hitting Diego Brandao will replace Cole Miller and take on the exciting Conor McGregor.

Honestly, I never wish injuries upon anyone but people been saying they want McGregor to face someone who will give him a run for his money, and Diego Brandao is just that.

Inside I will tell you why you shouldn’t let Brandao’s latest lost to the promising Dustin Poirier fool you, and also why I think this will be, not only more exciting but one of the best fights we’re going to see all year!

Diego Brandao to take on Conor McGregor at UFC Fight Night Dublin

Brandao is one of the most intimidating fighters to step foot in TUF and won TUF 14.

He’s known for his aggressive and intimidating style and also has a pretty crazy personality that could easily get him recognized and fame if he can manage to get a nice winning streak going (rough way to start against McGregor, but he has the tools to get it done)

There has been a lot of doubt surrounding Brandao after at one point being hyped as the next coming of Jose Aldo (I’m not exaggerating, the guy was tearing it up on TUF) but disappointing performances against Darren Elkins and Dustin Poirier have many critics writing him off as a real contender for the featherweight title.

There also have been many knocks on his cardio since he tends to slow down as he heads into later rounds.

WIth that said, the guy is still immensely talented and his last lost was against one of featherweights toughest fighters in Dustin Poirier (a guy who is clearly one of the top talents in featherweight)

Everyone wants to see the loud mouthed Irish talent Conor McGregor tested against top competition (even though he’s not Chad Mendes or Jose Aldo) this is about as good as it gets match up wise folks.

Brandao is a guy that loves to strike and in devastating fashion, he makes it a point to try to intimidate his opponent from weigh-ins all the way to the last second of the last round of the fight.

If you don’t wanna take my words for it, just watch this highlight:

Video Credit: DiminikosBoxingProd

There’s going to be buzz, theres going to be trash talk, and there’s going to be an absolute WAR when these two meet July 19th, 2014.

McGregor has a star personality and is already a master at not only promoting himself but hyping his fights in general.

Brandao is a hot headed guy with a pretty bad temper that comes to fight and loves to strike, like I said this is going to be a show and at the end of the night well know if the Conor McGregor hype is for real!

Let me know what you think of this match up in the comments below!



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