Despite all his Rage…Nick Diaz is Still Just a Rat in a Cage

Video Credit: UFC

This is by far one of the best promos I’ve ever seen done by the UFC. The video is short and sweet but it gets the point across, describing Nick Diaz perfectly.

Despite all his rage, Nick Diaz is still just a rat in a cage!

Gotta love the way it builds up with the music, Diaz walks back and forth as he prepares for battle and the music gets stronger until it explodes just like the anger inside of Nick Diaz.

I’ve seen some of the best UFC promotions done by random youtubers but whoever UFC has doing this trailer finally got it right(keep him Zuffa, he gets it), couldn’t have picked a better song or done it any better in my opinion.

I’ve already watched it over 20 times probably, can’t wait for the fight!

PS it’s a shame UFC took it off their youtube channel because it was in my opinion their best promo ever and describes Diaz perfectly, hope this stays on the net before its gone forever. Shout out to 3DManeuverGear for the repost.



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