John McCarthy Speaks on How Close The Doctors Were To Stopping UFC 165 Jones vs Gustaffson Due To A Cut Above Eye of Jones


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So according to some new reports from MMAFighting, Gustafsson was close to winning the light heavyweight title by stoppage because of the cut above Jon Jones’ eye.

Dana White said, “…Doctors were going to stop the fight in the last round because of the cut. Jones begged him not to stop the fight. And from what I understand (referee John McCarthy did too (pleaded with them not to stop the fight).”

The cut happened in the first round and progressively got worst throughout the epic 5 round battle.

John McCarthy was the referee of the fight between Jones and Gustafsson and inside he talks about how he told the referees to hold on and let them finish the last round when the doctors were considering stopping the fight.

Come inside to see the video interview with McCarthy and Ariel Helwani

John McCarthy Speaks With Ariel Helwani About Doctors Almost Stopping Jones Vs Gustafsson Due To Cut Above Of Eye Of Jones 


If you can’t watch the video interview for any reason or would just rather read up a summary of what referee McCarthy said about the injury that almost stopped the fight, here is what he had to say:

“He’s right on one thing,” McCarthy said. “The doctor was concerned about Jon’s eye, and if you looked at it, it was a serious cut.

“That cut happened in the very first round, but it continued to evolve throughout the fight. By the time it got between the fourth and fifth round, the cut was actually — there was an upper level one that was on his eyebrow, and it creased off, like a point had been crossed into his eyelid. There was a flap of skin. So the doctor absolutely had a reason to be concerned with the cut that Jon had.”

McCarthy chuckled about White’s assertion of him “pleading” to have the fight continue, though the veteran referee does acknowledge that he advised the ringside physician in regard to the matter.

“We’re a team when we’re in there,” McCarthy explained. “I talked with [the doctor]. He said, ‘It really doesn’t look that good.’

“I said, ‘Jason, this is the last round. I think you need to let him go. I will look at it. If it gets worse, I promise you I will bring him to you.’ He said okay. That’s both of us working as a team together. He let the fight go on, the cut didn’t get any worse, and the fight came to its natural conclusion the way it should’ve.”

Here is a GIF showing Jon Jones’ face coming into the 4th round that shows the cut McCarthy and Dana were talking about:


So what do you think about the fact that we were so close to Alexander Gustafsson taking home his championship belt that I think alot of people believe he deserved? (and won!)

I’m happy it turned out the way it did and the fight wasn’t stopped because every second of it was so damn entertaining but I really believe Gustafsson won that fight.

Let me know in the comments below what you think!

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