Video: Dana White Sparring Against Boxers for Ortiz Fight


I remember the time when Dana was supposed to be boxing Tito Ortiz.

It was pretty funny to me and I figured it was never going to happen, and it didn’t… but I also thought Dana didn’t have a chance and this video inside proves otherwise.

Dana White actually has some nice hands… I pulled up a video of Dana White sparring against what I believe is a pro heavyweight boxer and  looked on point!

He knew how to attack from different angles, moved his feet quickly and threw sharp straight punches.

I think Dana White very well might of kicked Tito’s ass in a pure boxing match!

Come inside to see the video and judge for yourself:

Dana White Vs Tito Ortiz Training Video

Skip to 3:08 and later around 9:00 to see footage of Dana White sparring against boxer

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By the way, did you see Wanderlei’s video response to the rumors that he was ducking Chael Sonnen? It’s INTENSE.. check it out here!



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