Dana White says There Will be No McGregor vs Diaz Trilogy for Now

Video Credit: UFC

Dana White talks with Matt Serra and says he wants to see Conor go back to his natural weight and claims a trilogy won’t be happening anytime soon.

I think Diaz deserves it because he gave Conor a rematch right away, even though of course he did because of the cash involved, we all know he’s not getting paid that money fighting anyone else. I believe Nate got 2mil for UFC 202.

Anyways, Dana wants to see McGregor vs Alvarez or it seems like he wants him back to go to featherweight.

Who would you like to see McGregor fight? I think a rematch with Jose Aldo makes the most sense if not Nate Diaz, I mean he has to defend his featherweight title someday. Then after that, he can go after the LW belt.

TJ Dillashaw also thinks he needs to get his rematch with Dominick Cruz or “this isn’t even a sport no more”, which I pretty much agree with. It’s either him or Cody Garbrandt.



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