Dana White Calls Out Nevada State Athletic Commission

Video Credit: UFC/Zuffa

In the UFC 167: Post-Fight Presser, Dana White straight up calls out the Nevada State Athletic Commission and says that the Governor needs to step in and fix the problem before MMA gets ruined just like boxing.

Dana White pretty much says the fight wasn’t even close and that Johny Hendricks won hands down while GSP says he felt like he won 3 rounds clearly.

I admire the fact that Dana White stood up and didn’t just go with the flow, nice to see he’s pressing an on going issue with judges and trying to get it fixed.

Dana could’ve easily said it was close, I’m not sure I have to watch it again, but instead he spoke not only his mind but most of the voice across America that felt Johny Hendricks won that fight.

How do you feel about Dana White calling out the Nevada State Commission? You think there will be changes in judging?

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