Dan Quinn Calls Out Joe Rogan…then Ends up Crying

Video Credit: Dan the legend Quinn

I had to take a break of posting the same Diaz vs McGregor stuff and show you guys why we’re FIGHTSTARMMA and not no regular professional MMA site.

If you don’t know about Dan Quinn, this video will introduce you, as he calls out Joe Rogan and then forgets that he  was doing that and begins to ramble about his past. (I can relate to him and do feel bad tho, being real)

Quinn also was a fighter and fought Frank Mirr before, fact not fiction home-boy, google it.

With that said, tell me what other site are you gonna catch this type of internet gem that only about 1800 people have seen in the whole world? No where brother, NO WHERE. Umm yeah, home-boy, fact not fiction. You’re looking at the site that would’ve been the most dominate force in internet history. Make it that.



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