Crazy Wannabe MMA Fighter Almost Fights Bodybuilder Rich Piana

Video Credit: ProphetMuscle

This crazy wannabe MMA fighter that calls him “Prophet Muscle” and preaches to random people about the importance of not doing drugs, how your food is killing you and challenges random celebrities on the streets tries to fight huge body builder Rich Piana.

The man doesn’t seem to good in the head and after this he made a video challenging Rich Piana to a fight in which Rich accepted and then Prophet just disappeared off the interet for months. I guess he didn’t wanna fight him as much as he acted.

Piana would probably handle this guy being that he’s a lot bigger and stronger and trains a little bit of MMA even though he can’t throw a punch correctly.

Either way the dude Prophet has been charged with stalking already and has a criminal record.

You already know, just doing what we do here in FightStarMMA, showing you INTERNET GEMS like this that you won’t find in any other site! I mean why else do you watch MMA but for entertainment, so unlike them other sites that fed you all that BS, I give you NOTHING but entertainment all day you won’t find no where else!



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