Countdown to UFC 168 Video: Chris Weidman vs Anderson Silva 2


It’s pretty crazy to see how much Chris Weidman was going through before the first fight against Silva when he won the championship title.

In the video inside we see that Chris’s house was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy and he had to move in to his parents house with his wife and two kids.

Not only that, but he was having health problems with his shoulders.

The interview/preview of Chris Weidman vs Anderson Silva 2 is interesting because it shows what happened leading up to the first fight: Weidman says that in the weigh ins at UFC 162 Anderson Silva was following Weidman around and mocking him attempting to intimidate him!

Come inside to see the video of Countdown of UFC 168 Weidman vs Anderson Silva 2!

UFC 168: Chris Weidman vs Anderson Silva 2 Hype Up Preview and Interviews!

Video Credit: UFC

After seeing this video, It makes me more confident in Chris Weidman’s chances of defending his middleweight title and I think he will bring Silva down to the ground and either win a decisive decision or by KO via ground and pound or submission.

Look for Weidman to control the pace of the fight and do exactly what he said in the interview above: “When he has his hands down I’ll punch him in the face, and when he has his hands up I’ll take him to the ground.”

I expect something similar to the style Cain Velasquez brings in his two victories against Junior Dos Santos.

It’s two completely different match ups and fighters, but the blueprint to beat a striker is the same to me, apply pressure from different angles while never letting the striker to get comfortable with his striking distance and mix it up with takedowns to keep him honest.

I am a big fan of Anderson Silva and enjoy watching all his fights, but I just feel like his time is up like all the greats have went through at a certain point in their career.

You can tell that as much as Silva wants to win, he has reached a level of acceptance with himself personal that he is content with whatever happens and is able to accept it while Chris Weidman is a young man that seems not able to comprehend losing agains’t the same man he feels he deserves to beat again.

Well see what happens at UFC 168 this Saturday, this is seriously the card of the year and I’m excited as hell to end the year watching these fights!

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