Countdown to UFC 168: Josh Barnett vs Travis Browne Video


I think Josh Barnett vs Travis Browne has all the makings for one of the most competitive fights of the night.

Most people are expecting the veteran Josh Barnett to get a pretty easy win here with him being an expert in dirty boxing and wrestling, but Travis Browne has proven to be dangerous from anywhere in the octagon.

Josh Barnett loves to clinch and Browne recently knocked Gabriel Gonzaga out with elbows while he was attempting a takedown from the clinch, something that doesn’t happen from that position very often.

Once you see the hype up video inside for Josh Barnett vs Travis Browne, you will understand why I think this fights probably going to be fight of the night… Come inside and check it out!

Countdown to UFC 168: Travis Browne vs Josh Barnett Hype Up Video

Video Credit: UFC

Both fighters are coming off wins and both seem extremely confident in their abilities to finish the match.

The betting odds are highly in favor of the veteran Josh Barnett with most books rolling him at around a -200 favorite. (That means you gotta put down 200 bucks to win 100.)

Traivs Browne is the underdog coming into this fight but I feel like the odds should be about even, I understand Barnett is the more proven fighter with the longer track record, but Browne is not only younger but he holds some huge physical advantages.

Browne is 6’7 and that’s part of the reason why he’s finished 11 out of 17 fights by KO.

As you saw in the video posted above, Browne was able to KO one of the most decorated strikers in MMA, Alistair Overeem with a front kick.

Thanks to his crazy height advantage he’s able to reach guys with kicks from a good distance and you better believe he’ll be trying to kick Barnett’s head off or even elbow his head off when he clinches just like he did to UFC veteran Gabriel Gonzaga.

Browne is dangerous anywhere the fight goes and is training with probably the best fighter in the world right now, Jon Jones.

Still, you have to respect Josh Barnett and what he brings to the table.

Expect Barnett to be in his face as soon as the bell rings and not allow himself to be at the end of Browne’s punches and kicks.

Barnett lost a unanimous decision to Daniel Cormier back in Strikeforce in 2012, but has since bounced back with 2 straight wins.

This is a fight I’d stay away from, I think people are underrating Browne’s resilience and dangerous striking ability.

If I had to predict a winner, I’d go with Barnett by imposing his will, clinching and using wrestling to secure a victory over Travis Browne.

But I just have a weird feeling that Browne is going to shock the world with a crazy KO that’ll put him in the spotlight as a top competitor for the heavyweight title.

Well see what happened, this is a fight i’d stay away from money wise unless you want to put a little down for a big reward on a KO from Travis Browne.

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