Conor McGregor Spits the Truth with Ariel Helwani

Video Credit: MMAFightingonSBN

Conor McGregor lets Dana White and UFC know that they owe him!

He also lets them known that he will be counting each and everyone of the pay per view buys he sells and will be counting every penny.

I personally love the fact that we’re seeing not only a fighter but a business man that can possibly change the way fighters are treated by big time promotions.

More fighters need to step up to the plate and make sure that they get their portion of the food cause at the end of the day, we there to watch the FIGHTERS fight!

Ima end may ranting but as you can see Conor spitting the truth as usual, I honestly believe it’s Conor’s time and he will indeed take Jose’s head clean off…clean off.



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