Conor McGregor Predicts he will Beat Jose Aldo in Round 1

Video Credit: MMADigest

In the video above, Conor McGregor predicts he will defeat Jose Aldo in round 1 if he shows up.

That’s a very bold prediction, as we’ve seen McGregor fight lower tier competition and predict round 2.

He must really believe Jose Aldo’s ribs will be hinder him in the fight and seems to be even more confident.

But to me, it doesn’t even look like the fight will happen, a report by MMAFighting suggests that Jose Aldo’s camp are leaning towards believing his ribs are actually broken and the fight is still in jeopardy.

If you ask me, I think we’ll be seeing Conor McGregor vs Chad Mendes which will be even a tougher fight for Jose since Mendes will be healthy and may be able to take the fight to the ground.



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