Conor McGregor on ESPN Dan Le Betard

Video Credit: ESPN

Conor McGregor on ESPN’s Highly Questionable.

Pretty cool to see McGregor on a mainstream TV show but there were a few things that irritated me about that interview.

First Dan Le Betard and his friend are one of the most foolish (for a lack of a better word) reporters I’ve seen and really asks some real dumb questions which I think are intended to irritate and offend whoever is being interviewed.

Le Betard did his usual antics with McGregor at around 3:08 of the video asking Conor about how he started partying with Dana White, McGregor answers in his own way and then Le Betard calls him out. Ah no use explaining it, just watch it.

For the awkward silence go to 4:04. I think McGregor did a good job at holding his own against guys that make a living being a smartass on TV.



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