Conor McGregor Brings Us Into His Perspective at UFC 202

Video Credit: The Mac Life

This video is pretty damn sweet as Conor’s camera man shows you what it’s like to be in Conor’s shoe as he prepares to fight Nate Diaz.

One thing you gotta respect about McGregor is that he always comes to fight. You can dislike him if you want but trust me this guy is being true to himself even when he does his outlandish trash talk, the guy means what he says and is doing the best for not only himself but the sport.

If you think Conor is not helping the sport grow you’re kidding yourself. He is one of if not the most exciting fighters to ever step foot in the octagon and when he fights you’re sure to tune in.

I think Conor has a legit chance against Eddie Alvarez even though Eddie doesn’t present one of the biggest weapons we’ve seen effective against McGregor, wrestling. I would like to either see a rematch, him go down and defend his featherweight belt, or see him fight for the UFC title at lightweight to become a two division champ.



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