Conor McGregor and Donald Cerrone call for a Fighters Union

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Conor McGregor says that for right now he has to focus on himself, which makes a lot of sense, but he says he’s open to a Fighters Union as long as the situation is right.

Donald Cowboy Cerrone also says he thinks the fighters deserve a lot more pay and that they may not be getting treated the way they deserve in terms of pay.

I believe these fighters need to stop waiting and band together outside of the octagon and start a Fighters Union that pushes for more pay and promise to the fighters that are risking it all inside of the octagon for their families, themselves, and I guess you could say their fans.

Everyone does need to come together and some other guys that I know are down for it are The Diaz brothers and Mark Hunt.

I’m sure a lot more are down for it, they could stand up against silly suspensions for marijuana that Nick has suffered from, dental plans and more. What do you think?



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