CM Punk vs Mickey Gall Video Interview

Video Credit: UFC

Mickey Gall says that if this was a setup for CM Punk to win an easy fight for promotion, they really f*cked up. He says no one out works him in the gym and he’s not taking this lightly at all.

He says Punk has to think before he fights and he doesn’t since he’s a real fighter that’s been training all his life. He expects to dominate him but at the same time is not taking this opportunity for granted.

Gall knows this is the opportunity of a lifetime that he needs to take advantage of if he wants to put his name on the rise. CM Punk says he’s not bothered by Mickey’s personal thoughts and seems pretty confident.

I personally think Mickey is going to wipe the floor with CM Punk and if he doesn’t I would be so suprised. The only chance I give Punk is if he takes him to the ground and lays on top of him. Standing up, I literally give Punk no chance once so ever.

They say no one knows a thing about him, but the footage doesn’t lie. CM has no technique and you couldn’t even really fake some of his punches, you can tell he’s trying way too hard and just can’t get it. I got Gall winning by KO early 1st or 2nd round.



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