CM Punk vs Mickey Gall UFC Debut Promo

Video Credit: CMPunkFan

I seen very little footage of CM Punk but from what I’ve seen his striking is absolutely HORRIBLE.

I’ve seen kids training for 3 months in the boxing gym with better form and less stiffness than him.

He’s way too stiff and I don’t think he’s used to getting hit in the head, he better have a surprise for us with his ground game because I’m SURE his striking is crap and he will get knocked out by Mickey Gall.

I think CM Punk is going to look down when he gets hit and turtle up like most people that aren’t used to being punched.

CM Punk “better hope” he has some ground game and can take the fight to the ground cause his striking is trash. Sorry I’m trashing the dude, but I’m pretty sure he’s ok with all his millions from WWE trying to come here and fight.

Well see if I’m wrong, you know I always go out there and lay my opinion unlike other “professional” MMA websites.




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