Check Out Miesha Tate’s New Ride And Sneak Peak Of TUF Miesha Tate Vs Ronda Rousey


Miesha posted her new ride she got for coaching The Ultimate Fighter on her Facebook page.

Not bad Dana White, way to keep your employees happy my friend.

If you guys weren’t aware, Cat Zingano was supposed to be the one joining Ronda Rousey on TUF, but Zingano suffered a ”knee injury” and was replaced by Miesha Tate.

Funny, because Miesha and Ronda both have well known beef with each other, are two of the sexiest women in MMA, and to me that all adds up for a lot more ratings!

I’m not starting a conspiracy guys, I’m just calling it out how I see it!

Come inside to see a sneak peak of the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter premiering September 4th.

TUF Sneak Peak Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey

Video Credit: UFC

So what do you thin kof the upcoming season of TUF?

Will you be tuning in?

If so, did it make any difference that Miesha is replacing Cat Zingano?

I sure was rooting for Miesha in her fight vs Zingano just for the simple fact that I wanted to see the two hottest women in MMA coaching TUF.

Yeah, I said the two hottest women in MMA, correct me if i’m wrong, not like I would mind being wrong in this case! (Don’t threatening me with a good time!)

But Junior Dos Santos may have been right when he said Miesha is better looking than Ronda. I can’t decide but Miesha is very underrated, she has a pretty face and a sexy body!

Who do you think is better looking between the two?

I sure asked a lot of questions, hope to hear some answers in the comments below!



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