Chad Mendes to Replace Jose Aldo and Fight Conor McGregor at UFC 189

Video Credit: 7inm

So as I predicated in earlier posts, Jose Aldo pulls out of the fight with Conor McGregor and will now be replaced by Chad Mendes at UFC 189

In my opinion, this is a hardier match up for Conor than Jose, style wise.

Even though Jose as displayed the ability to use offensive wrestling and take the fight to the ground effectively, he is first a stand up fighter and thats where the fight favors McGregor.

On the contrary, Chad Mendes is a wrestler that has learned how to strike with Duane Ludwig and Team Alpha Male, but at the end of the day he knows what he has to do to win this fight: shoot for the takedown at the right time and make it his fight.

I still have Conor winning but this is a very tough match up for him and if he wins we can finally say he is officially great.



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