Brock Lesnar vs Mark Hunt Real Full Fight Video HD

Video Credit: UFC
UFC 200 featured a highly anticipated match with one of the best HW strikers to ever step foot in the octagon in Mark Hunt facing a roided up WWE monster in Brock Lesnar. (Yes, we he was roided to the gills as Mark Hunt stated before the  fight)

I’m not going to talk about the fight just in case you happen to be living under a rock and don’t know what already happened.

In that case, I will talk about the steroid situation and I do believe Mark Hunt has a point that fighters should be punished for PED use, I mean if someones gonna do it then Hunt should be allowed to do it too. Why is it banned if he’s just going to do it and face little to no penalty in which is what it looks like might happen. Either way it doesn’t matter to Lesnar since he can go make an easy living in WWE while Hunt needs to continue to fight for his life in MMA.

Either way, a lot of people say Hunt should stop complaining about it but he has a point. My personal point is if you’re going to suspend MMA fighters for something as silly as marijuana they should definitely be suspended for a long time for PEDs.

Anyways enjoy the  full fight video of Brock Lesnar vs Mark Hunt in HD.

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