Brendan Schaub on Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather

Video Credit: MMA Tube

Brendan Schaub and Bryan from the podcast “Fighter and The Kid” talk about the REAL possibility of Floyd Mayweather fighting Conor McGregor.

Schaub is buying into it and saying that Mayweather admitted into starting the rumors (which he did, can’t find the video now but will do later boys, I believe it’s already been posted) and Schaub is acting like it’s a possibility.

My thing is, I don’t believe Conor has the right to into ANY fight promotion, because UFC has the best lock up contracts in MMA.

BUT if he could do it, it would be a HUGE slap you back to the UFC, Conor would EARN AMAZING money, and would really have the last laugh. (which UFC has now that they took him out of UFC 200 and stood their ground)

Imagine if Conor pulls off a decent fight, Mayweather doesn’t take him out, makes it a little bit competitive, then comes out and says he will like to try his cards on boxing and really focus on it seeing he did pretty good against the best boxer in the history of the world. (arguably I know, don’t come at me with Sugar Ray, Ali, etc…I’m making a POINT)

Conor could stick to boxing and make huge paydays until his UFC contract is up and possibly return to a bigger MMA organization or just starting up a promotion with Mayweather, imagine if Conor actually gets the last laugh and shows he’s not only a fighter but a REAL business man. I believe that would be amazing and badass.



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