Best Nate Diaz Highlight Since McGregor Win

It may be short but in my opinion it’s the best Nate Diaz highlight I’ve seen since his McGregor wins.

The beat goes hard and the lyrics go with just about every montage of the highlight clip.

It also matches him perfectly, I can watch it over and over.

Nate Diaz you did it, been saying they we’re stars because of their natural and raw persona since 2011, check my youtube.

I didn’t just jump bandwagon, we’ve been out about the Diaz and the only site that’s had a section dedicated to the brothers, since 2013 which was the creation of this site.

Holla to Nick for being a REAL brother and looking after his little brother to the end. Nick you the realest in the game dog,and you raised your brother same way, respect.



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