Best Diaz Bro Highlight Ever?


There’s a hardcore fan base for the Diaz brothers and many, many (Steven Seagal Accent) great highlights have been made for the two.

But some standout and those are the ones I try to show you.

This one combines both brothers in one highlight with one of the hardest songs I’ve ever heard for an MMA highlight.

The song goes perfectly with the Diaz brothers and it is timed perfect with what’s going on in the video.

Come inside to check it out:

Nick and Nate Diaz Highlight

So do you think that’s the best highlight ever made for the Diaz brothers?

I’m talking a highlight with both of them in it by the way.

I personally think it is and if you find better please share it with us below in the comments.

Also what do you think about a return to the ring for Nick Diaz?

And Nate going back to welterweight?

You think there are still many fans out there or is the hardcore fan base slowly fading away now that they are both out of the bright lights of title contention?

Not sure if some fans are going else where now that Nate is coming off two straight losses and Nick is retired (for now) but I know I will always remain a fan and there is more like me out here that will ride or die with them throughout their career.

If you are a fan of the Diaz brothers check out my post that shows you what it’s like being in the corner for the Diaz brothers and if you want a good laugh see this post with Sensei Seagal!



3 Responses to “Best Diaz Bro Highlight Ever?”

  1. Wolfsoul222 says:

    One of the best highlights I’ve seen of them. Its difficult to say whether or not Diaz does want to return. I know there is a lot going on behind closed doors at the ufc. Dana white likes to present things in such a way to keep people watching and wanting more. and for many fighters its a dream come true to be on the show. So they will put up with the b.s. some more so than others because they dont want to lose their job and are happy to be making a living. Its hard for real and genuine people to tolerate others who are lying and making money off of the ignorance of the people.

    I personally feel that if Nick would like to continue fighting it would be great to see him return. He may even be depending his decision on how much the fans really want it. People can be really mean on the internet, and it seems like for most celebrities 50-70% of the messages they will get from fans will be hateful.

    He’s brought up comparisons of the ufc to pride countless of times in interviews, so those who are listening and aware can get an idea of how the system works. His bro Nate seems to be in a more comfortable situation thanks to nick and their friends. and if dana doesnt like people speaking the truth its only clear that he doesnt think of the fans as very intelligent.

    Being in the money making business you can see society from another point of view and how asleep most people are in their daily activities. not to point fingers because we are all to blame for many things.

    but for those reasons its good to have real people in the business like Nick and Nate. They’re both really great fighters all around with their boxing and jiu jitsu. I would rather have a few genuine people among liars than no honesty at all.

    Nick is in a good position to get a good comeback fight, so he can silence all the people who think he wasnt good in the past 2 fights. We should keep in mind gsp does give off rather suspicious vibes. having admitted to cheating once, regardless of whether or not he does use vaseline or is on drugs like people say. the fact that he did admit to cheating makes it hard to trust him. You can find a video on youtube of him describing how he had a man dressed as a woman kiss bj penn on his entry to the octagon :

    I wonder if gsp signed some sort of contract that would keep him the champion and give him top notch training, possibly even with performance enhancing drugs. to be the model champion of the ufc. after all the business does depend on these fighters. Without them dana would have nothing.

    Aside from my curiosity I would enjoy seeing Nick and Nate return to the ufc and I think their comeback will be powerful.

    • FightStarMMA says:

      Thanks for your thoughts man they were deep… Yeah I would love to see the Diaz brothers back in the scene and agree they would come back strong.

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