Back In The Day Old School Video Of Teenage Maurico Shogun Rua Fighting at a House Party


Inside is an exclusive video that not many have seen of UFC’s Shogun Rua fighting at a house party at the age of 16 before he started his career as a fighter and anyone knew him!

The video shows Shogun inside a house party with a bunch of crazy brazilians screaming just like it’s a real MMA event, there is a referee, and even their own corner.

It’s pretty damn intense and Shogun goes blow to blow with the street fighter throwing haymakers with bad intentions (Yeah I stole that from you Joe…”…Woooah, he reaaallly has bad intentions behind those punches Goldie!”) until one of them gets KOed!

Come on in and check out this suprisingly entertaining and competitive fight between a young Shogun and another brawling teenager:

Old School Video of 16 Year Old Shogun Rua Brawling At Underground House Party

Few things I observed from the video in no order once so ever:

  1. Shogun had some horrible technique at the age of 16, he must’ve just started training not too long before that street fight.
  2. What the hell Shogun lost!
  3. The description of the video suggest that it was before he had training, but there was obviously coaches in both fighters corner.
  4. And also damn what kind of trainers would throw a 16 year old at a house party fight? Someone trying to use young fighters for the wrong reasons thats who.
  5. No, I don’t think that was chute box in the corner with Joe.
  6. Crazy how the kids in the house are screaming and chanting inside that house, I bet you could hear it from blocks away
  7. The guy that fought him is called Rodrigo Malheiros de Andrade and I couldn’t find any  fight history of him documented on the internet.
  8. Again, what poor technique from a young Shogun along with the other fighter, you could see Shogun’s elbows go upwards before each punch which is a complete giveaway. Which means even though he had a trainer, he probably just started learning Muay Thai before being thrown into that crazy match where he got knocked out.

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