Anthony Pettis Says He Fought Ben Henderson at UFC 164 With An Injured Shoulder


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In an interview with Ariel Helwani, Anthony Pettis stated that he fought Ben Henderson with a separated shoulder.

Anthony Pettis had to back out of the fight from Jose Aldo because of a small tear in the right knee, an injury that many wondered would hinder him in his bout with Ben Henderson that was just three weeks after his originally scheduled fight with Aldo.

That was fine, but Pettis says it was his shoulder that gave him trouble leading up to the fight with Henderson at UFC 164.

“You know what, my knee was fine, but I actually separated my shoulder two weeks before the [Henderson] fight,” Pettis said. “So, going into the fight I had a separated right shoulder. My jitz coach [Diego Moraes] rolled a little too hard and he slammed me on my shoulder, and I separated my shoulder two weeks before the fight.

“The last two weeks before the camp all I could do was roll really light. I couldn’t spar. For me it was just a mental thing. I’ve been through that before. It sucks that it happened two before the fight, but I wasn’t backing out of that one.”

Come inside to hear what else he had to say about the injury, if he considered pulling out of the Ben Henderson fight, and how he feels about his December 14th bout with Josh Thomson!

When asked by MMAFighting if he considered pulling out of the Ben Henderson fight he responded:

“No, not at all,” he said. “I just told my coach I’m going to settle down the last two weeks. I mean, I had a super-long training camp. From February until August I was training and getting ready for title fights. So, I was 100 percent ready, but things happen. Every fighter can tell you, you never go into a fight 100 percent healthy.”

Pettis is scheduled to fight Josh Thomson on December 14th, and although he sustained another knee injury when he was kicked by Henderson during the fight, he says he will be ready to go by December:

“Hopefully, in two weeks I should be back and able to spar,” he said. “As long as I keep my rehab on point, I should be fine.”

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