Anderson Silva vs Daniel Cormier Real Full Fight Video HD

Video Credit: UFC

Here is the real full fight video in HD quality of Anderson Silva vs Daniel Cormier brought to you by yours truly.

UFC 200 had some freak shows, one of them being Hunt vs Lesnar but this was really the biggest freak show of them all with Middleweight Anderson Silva going against LHW champ Daniel Cormier.

I thought the fight was pretty exciting because every time it was on the feet you we’re waiting for Anderson to land that one shot that you always know he’s capable no matter how old he is or how many fights he’s lost now.

Either way UFC and Dana White did a great job replacing Jon Jones with a fighter that everyone would wanna tune in to see and I’m pretty sure they brought in Brock Lesnar just to show Conor McGregor who’s boss. (Pretty much saying “Hey not matter what you do, if we want to sell a card, we can sell it.”)

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