Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman 2 Full Fight Video Highlights

MMA: UFC 168-Weidman vs Silva

Photo Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

UFC 168 was an exciting night of fights that still delivered, even with the unfortunate result of the main event.

Even though the fight ending in tragedy, I still think Weidman has proved that the first fight wasn’t a fluke and he deserves to be the new champion in the middleweight division.

Weidman was able to take Silva down in the first round when he hit him with a huge right hand from the clinch and dropped Anderson.

Chris showed that his superior wrestling mixed in with the fact that he has tremendous power and is not the least bit intimidated with the idea of exchanging blows with Silva, is just too much at this point for one of the best fighters of all time.

Come inside to see video of the freak leg injury and full fight video highlights of Silva vs Weidman 2!

UFC 168: Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman 2 Full Fight Video Highlights

Video Credit: FOXSports

I guess FOXSports felt that ending was too graphic or didn’t want to show how the fight ended, but they did a good job covering the key action of the fight before the injury.

Basically, Weidman was able to take Silva down again and was beating him down from his guard and if it wasn’t for the amazing chin that Silva has he would’ve been finished in the first. (Yes Anderson Silva still has one of the best chins in MMA.)

Anyway, I got your back on the video of Anderson Silva’s leg kick injury… WARNING: it’s pretty graphic.

Anderson Silva’s shin bone went completely out and that’s about as ugly of injuries that we’ve seen in the UFC.

Even though Silva didn’t really get beat, if you watched the fight it was pretty clear that Weidman was winning and has his number.

We can’t count out the fact that Anderson’s one of the best KO artist ever and any point and time he has the ability to have caught Weidman with a front kick to the face, a counter right on the button, etc… but I feel Weidman does deserve not to have his victory over Silva doubted no longer.

One thing I do have to say before leaving is that even though I believe Weidman would’ve beat Silva again and has his number, I do think Machida and Vitor Belfort can pose big problems for Weidman and have a great chance at dethroning him.

Machida just simply matches up better with Weidman than Anderson did, mainly because he has some of the best takedown defense in the division, something you need when facing a wrestling based fighter like Weidman.

Vitor Belfort is simply on a role and is looking better than ever, I don’t really need to explain why he can be a problem for a champ, check out his latest victory over great competition Dan Henderson for all the proof you’ll need:

(By the way this was the first punches thrown by both fighters seconds into the fight)

So do you agree with me when I say Weidman’s first victory over Anderson should no longer be questioned and that Chris simply has all the tools to beat Anderson?

And what do you think about future match ups of Belfort/Machida vs Weidman?

Let me know in the comments below and be sure to keep it here at FightStarMMA for your daily dose of MMA entertainment!



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