Anderson Silva Claims To Have Been Injured During Weidman Fight, Says He Fought With Injured Ribs


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Last Saturday Anderson Silva was in Brazil to promote the UFC 168 as part of the World Tour where he stated that he was injured coming into the fight with Chris Weidman at UFC 162.

Check out what Anderson Silva told the media during the UFC 168 World Tour in Brazil:

“It was good that you mentioned this because I was really hurt,” Silva told the media. “Nobody mentioned this yet, but that’s not an excuse for my performance. It was a below where I was injured for my first fight with Chael Sonnen. That’s it. I was at 85 percent of my physical condition.”

When asked how exactly he sustained the injury to his ribs, Anderson Silva denied to explain anything. He simply stated it won’t be a problem for his next fight on December 28.

Come inside to read why I think this is a mind game Anderson Silva and his team are playing, and a response to what Chris Weidman had said during the World Tour and in interviews! (come inside and find out)

Anderson Silva Claims Rib Injury for Weidman Fight, Why I think It’s A Bluff In Response To Weidman

One thing you need to take note of is that Chris Weidman claimed to not have been 100% during their first fight way before Anderson said he had injured ribs.

In the first “UFC 168 World Tour” in USA Weidman kept stressing when asked about anything related to the first fight that he was injured and not 100%.

How would that make you feel inside if you were Anderson Silva?

Exactly… like “Damn, he was able to throw me around like that and KO me while he was injured?”

Weidman also kept saying he didn’t have a full training camp and didn’t propely prepare.

Which in the strategy I believe either Weidman, Matt Serra, and Longo came up with, Anderson Silva is left thinking ” Damn…If this guy didn’t even have a full training camp, he’s going to be even better the 2nd time around..”

It’s simple and some of you may think I’m being a conspiracy theorist but it’s just simple physcological warfare.

I’m not saying I don’t believe they were not 100%, all i’m saying is the only reason their disclosing these type of things to the press is to get in the heads of each other!

Imagine how you would feel if someone took you down at will and KOed you only to hear that he beat you while not even close to his best?

It’s going to cross your mind for sure and it’s up to you to let it effect you or not but it’s there.

Anderson talking about not being 100% is just a response to the game Weidman started.

Point is, they have already started going at each other at one of the most important parts of the game: Mental

Other than that, Silva is claiming to be very aggressive in this rematch and says he is having friends from Cuba come down to help him with his wrestling.

What do you think about Silva and Weidman claiming injuries? Do you agree with my points and does it make sense to you?

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