Alexander Gustafsson vs Jimi Manuwa Real Full Fight Video

Alexander Gustafsson is the same man that arguably beat the same man that everyone thought was untouchable, Jon Jones. Now he didn’t win the fight according to the judges, but one thing is for sure, he proved that Jon Jones can in fact be beating and put a hurting on him like no one has.

Jimi Manuwa on the other hand is an absoloute beast power puncher who is a real force in the octagon. Relentless with his attacks, Jimi is undefeated in his MMA career with an impressive record of 14-0.

The Swedish fighter Gustafsson has a huge height and reach advantage at 6’5 but Jimi who is fighting out of England may have the power advantage even though he’s the shorter of the two at 6’1.

Come inside to watch the free full fight video of Alexander Gustafsson vs Jimi Manuwa!

Alexander Gustafsson vs Jimi Manuwa Entire Full Fight Video

Video Credit: UFC/Zuffa

Even though Jimi Manuwa was on his back the majority of the first round, you have to be impressed by some things considering he was fighting one of the best fighters in the light heavyweight division, actually if you ask me Gustafsson is the most skilled fighter in the division.

Manuwa stayed in Gustafsson’s face in the stand up and actually was able to connect with some hard shots, credit to Gustafsson’s chin who really just walked through them and fired back.

Even though Jimi lost all the rounds and this fight, this guy is going to destroy just about anybody outside the top 10 and will give some of the best in the division trouble with his striking power and in your face style.

Now it’s time to talk about Alexander Gustafsson, who has really been growing on me lately.

In the interview after the fight, Alexander made it a point to call out Jon Jones letting Dana White and the fans know that he wants his rematch and believes he can be champion.

It seems like that controversial split decision loss to Jon Jones has only made him more focused and now he’s a man on a mission trying to get an opportunity back to win the belt, and I think the next time around Gustafsson won’t leave it to the judges.

Dana White has in fact confirmed that Gustafsson will receive the winner of Jon Jones vs Glover Texeira, so unless Teixeira pulls a huge upset there’s a good chance we’re seeing the rematch folks.

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