Alexander Gustafsson has the Hottest Girlfriend in MMA

Video Credit: UFC

First let me start off by saying, I STILL think Alexander Gustafsson beat Jon Jones back in 2013.

With that clear, after that I don’t think the UFC gave him the respect he deserved, instead of giving him a rematch they fed him to the dogs.

They made him fight guys like Daniel Cormier and Anthony Johnson. I believe Gustafsson can literally beat ANYONE in the division, DC even admit it was the toughest fight he was ever in.

Jon Jones said the same. He’s 6’5 with the best boxing in the light heavyweight division but also great takedown defense.

If Gustafsson is motivated, which is pretty hard when you already got the most sexy girlfriend in MMA between your arms every night, (go to 1:44 to see) I literally think he will be the next champion in the UFC.

They aren’t lying when they see Swedish women are beautiful, Ima go over there and get me one of them girls one day. The thing is they probably won’t by the whole American line, being that Sweden is one of the top countries in the world. Ahh, to Cuba I go, it’s all good.



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