2014: Is Brock Lesnar Coming Back to UFC? Dana Says Yes.

Video Credit: TMZ

Dana White was asked by reporter if Lesnar would ever come back to UFC and White responds by saying he wants to.

White says Lesnar feels backs of his illness he suffered while he was competing in the UFC he wasn’t at his best so he wants to get another run at it now that he’s 100% healthy.

Dana basically says he wouldn’t mind letting Brock compete in UFC while he works with the WWE, and that he has a good relationship with Brock.

I’d love to see Lesnar back in the WWE and I’m not surprised Dana wants him back, with GSP out and Anderson with his broken leg, Lesnar would automatically destroy PPV ratings once again if he was to return.

Who would you like to see Lesnar fight if he was to return? Imagine if Jon Jones was to move up to heavyweight (something he said he will do eventually)and take him on for his first heavyweight fight.

Or even Mark Hunt vs Brock Lesnar, that would be amazing!



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