CM Punk vs Mickey Gall Video Interview

Video Credit: UFC

Mickey Gall says that if this was a setup for CM Punk to win an easy fight for promotion, they really f*cked up. He says no one out works him in the gym and he’s not taking this lightly at all.

He says Punk has to think before he fights and he doesn’t since he’s a real fighter that’s been training all his life. He expects to dominate him but at the same time is not taking this opportunity for granted.

Gall knows this is the opportunity of a lifetime that he needs to take advantage of if he wants to put his name on the rise. CM Punk says he’s not bothered by Mickey’s personal thoughts and seems pretty confident.

I personally think Mickey is going to wipe the floor with CM Punk and if he doesn’t I would be so suprised. The only chance I give Punk is if he takes him to the ground and lays on top of him. Standing up, I literally give Punk no chance once so ever.

They say no one knows a thing about him, but the footage doesn’t lie. CM has no technique and you couldn’t even really fake some of his punches, you can tell he’s trying way too hard and just can’t get it. I got Gall winning by KO early 1st or 2nd round.

Evolution of CM Punk Episode 3 “Hurt”

Video Credit: UFC

Episode 3 of Evolution of CM Punk shows him recovering from a shoulder injury and more.

He spars a bit in the video and this footage still seems to be a couple months old, but he certainly looks better than the first 2 episodes.

CM Punk still doesn’t look nearly ready for a UFC debut but atleast he’s going for it.

Respect to him but I got Mickey Gall.

Why CM Punk will get Knocked Out In First Round

My opinion on why CM Punk will be knocked out showing you what’s wrong with his form and his horrible right hand.

He loves himself open for the counter left hook and and just about anything.

Mickey Gall is not the best fighter out there but he’s most definitely better than CM Punk.

Enjoy the video speaks for itself.

Nate Diaz tells Conor’s Coach “F*ck you and your Gameplan” in Middle of Fight

See this hilarious video of John Kavanagh explaining what Nate Diaz told him in the middle of the fight.

I think Conor’s coach has a pretty good sense of humor to not only show respect for Nate Diaz and his chin, but also tell this story of him telling McGregor to “Stick to the gameplan” and in midst of all the madness, Nate Diaz looks over and says “F*ck you and your gameplan”.

Nate always keep it gangsta and he didn’t fail to do that at UFC 202 even though he lost.

Kavanagh also explains that in the first fight Conor was walking him down but in the 2nd fight Diaz was walking him down and eating the left hand which means he was walking into the blows but it still didn’t phase Diaz which made him “a bit scared” for McGregor.

He also claims that this may be the hardest fight of Conor’s career, I respectfully disagree, I think a high caliber wrestler with a full training camp will be the hardest fight of Conor’s career.

Only Sport That Gets Paid Less than MMA? Aggresive Inline Skating

So MMA is pretty notorious to fans and the athletes that compete in it for being low paying compare to other sports.

But I found one sport that might be as risky and also very entertaining and doesn’t pay as well: Aggresive Inline Skating.

I used to be a skateboarder growing up and people would call these guys “fruit booters” in skateparks. How can you not respect someone having fun just cause you don’t agree with it? That’s most silly sh*t I’ve ever seen. I think what they do is gangsta as f*ck and this video is amazing.

Look at the way they move out there, it looks like total freedom and it seems like if you are used to skating and have some athleticism/agility going on you can get pretty good at this quick unlike skateboarding which takes years.

Although I’m pretty sure both take balls and skill, I mean I don’t think you can just jump on a rail and start grinding. Anyways, aggresive inline skating is a dying sport and the athletes don’t get paid well at all, I don’t even believe they get to compete in the X-Games no more.

Alexander Gustafsson has the Hottest Girlfriend in MMA

Video Credit: UFC

First let me start off by saying, I STILL think Alexander Gustafsson beat Jon Jones back in 2013.

With that clear, after that I don’t think the UFC gave him the respect he deserved, instead of giving him a rematch they fed him to the dogs.

They made him fight guys like Daniel Cormier and Anthony Johnson. I believe Gustafsson can literally beat ANYONE in the division, DC even admit it was the toughest fight he was ever in.

Jon Jones said the same. He’s 6’5 with the best boxing in the light heavyweight division but also great takedown defense.

If Gustafsson is motivated, which is pretty hard when you already got the most sexy girlfriend in MMA between your arms every night, (go to 1:44 to see) I literally think he will be the next champion in the UFC.

They aren’t lying when they see Swedish women are beautiful, Ima go over there and get me one of them girls one day. The thing is they probably won’t by the whole American line, being that Sweden is one of the top countries in the world. Ahh, to Cuba I go, it’s all good.

Teruto “Yashabo” Ishihara Highlights “I love my Bitches”

Video Credit: YoutubeTopTeam

Teruto “Yashabo” Ishihara has been creating a buzz ever since he said the famous quote “I love my bitches”.

Who knew something as simple as that as all you need to get popularity in the MMA community.

As far as his fighting skills goes I think he’s an exciting striker that could break it into the top 10 of the featherweight division.

He’s training with one of the top camps in the world especially for the smaller guy, at Team Alpha Male, so that certainly helps. I don’t think he has the tools to be a serious contender for the title but he’s certainly someone I’ll be looking forward to watch fight!